The Limbert Mountain Farm Experience

Our Herb & Specialty Food Farm feeds the senses. From the sound of the birds and frogs, the wind passing over the field grass, to the peaceful view of the mountains & hillside gardens.

Touch, smell and enjoy the herbs as you wander through the gardens and taste the freshness of the foods!

Fresh cut herbs, herb salads, heirloom tomatoes and garlic.

Our Simply Fine Foods line includes herb teas & culinary blends, herb chocolate, hummus, relish, pickles, herb vinegars, garlic nectar and our famous pesto! When we have time, we also make a variety of preserves in small quantities.

Our Simply Fine Foods Kitchen creates fabulous culinary delights, featuring our seasonal produce and foods sourced locally. Everything is from scratch and we don’t apologize for running out of food!

Book a “herb walk & talk” for your group or experience one of our “cooking & dining ” evenings to really enjoy a night out.

Our Philosophy

We have grown & processed herbs, veggies and fruit organically for 30 years, just as our predecessors did. By building the soil, using compost, manure and supplementing with organic matter & green manure, we are continually renewing the soils nutrients which are then taken up by the foods that we grow. This results is foods that are superior in nutrition as well as taste.

Since the food that we grow is used on our farm, it is always fresh, often only hours out of the ground prior to being consumed. The result is food that is safe and tastes incredible.


Trudie & Claude Bouchard – Our Story

Grandma and GrandpaThis historic site has been in our family since 1902 when our great grandparents immigrated from France. Great grandpa (Jean) was a wine maker and grandpa (Martin) was a cheesemaker. They cleared the hillside and planted fruit, walnut & chestnut trees, vegetables and a 5 acre vineyard which produced some of the finest wines in the valley.

We live in the old farmhouse (1912) and continue to produce crops in much the same manner that they did. The old chestnut trees still stand and the grapes produce bushels of fruit for juice and wine. Our 1954 John Deere still pulls the plough and grandmas wood cook stove has a presence in our store.

In 1978, Trudie’s passion for herbs began through her connection to a local herb farm. Over the next 30 years she trained as a herbalist, growing and using a wide variety of cultivated and wild crafted plants for food and medicine. Earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree completed an understanding of human health and illness.

The old heritage houseA desire to create a “herbal” culinary experience began in 2002 with selective logging of the mountain in order to build a barn with attached greenhouse. Christmas trees were planted in the logged areas for the hale and hardy folk who want to cut their own.

Claude designed the barn using plans from the early 1900’s and it was built according to the creed of the ancient Romans: ” utilitas, firmitas, et venustas”, which means “utility, strength and beauty”. The barn will stand for generations to come.

Raised beds for herbs were constructed from our cedar trees and utilizing rock from the mountain. We added a pergola, store (2005) and a commercial kitchen in the barn (2006). A pond with an island was created to improve drainage and to create an oasis which is a memorial to a friend.

Grandma and GrandpaThe gardens continue to develop and we joke that we have at least 25 more years of ideas to realize! Some of them will have to be passed on to our 4 grandchildren!

This year we have the addition of a turkey/chicken house built from lumber recycled from an old shed.